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5 Digital Apps to Declutter Your Digital Workspace

Posting date: 11 March 2020
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Author: Tom Riley

Boost Personal Productivity with Digital Superpower

I was watching a friend of mine working on his laptop a few days ago, and I was astounded how cluttered it was. It was slowing him down, too. His filing system was non-existent, and he was finding it difficult to find the files he needed. 

In the same way that a traditional desktop overloaded with paper, books and files can disrupt your workflow and harm your productivity, so too does a cluttered digital workspace. Luckily, there are some great digital apps that will help you declutter and stay decluttered.

The Benefits of a Digital Declutter

Over time, your laptop, computer or mobile device collects digital clutter. As this builds up, you have less space to store files. As your digital clutter gathers dust, your device will slow down. You probably won’t even realise this, because it happens gradually. Difficulty finding files and emails, and stuttering switching between apps slows down your workflow. Digital clutter slowly strangles your productivity. 

When you declutter your digital space, you will benefit from: 

• Better and faster decision-making, with less clutter distracting you from your tasks 

• Feeling more energised, because you are making faster and better decisions 

• Being more relaxed, as your digital space is more ordered, making it is easier to find what you need 

• Greater focus because there is less clutter to distract you

Unlock the Benefits of a Digital Declutter with These Digital Tools

I find that whenever I tidy my physical desk, I become more productive. With everything in its place, it’s easy to find a pen or stapler. I don’t have to move everything around when searching for an important piece of paper, and I work faster. The following apps will help you declutter your digital space, keep it organised, and speed up your digital processes.

1. File Juggler

If you have multiple folders into which you place your files, you’ll understand the pain of clicking through to add and save new files. If you then want to move a file from one location to another, there is more mouse work to be done. It’s not so much the time this takes, as the effort. You’ve got to think about the route to location each time. If you mistakenly save the file in the wrong folder, you’ll have trouble locating it later. 

File Juggler does all the mouse work for you. The application monitors your folders, and moves files to where they should be based on a set of rules that you set up. The rules are in the format of ‘If, then’ statements. You can also set rules to copy, rename, extract and trash files. 

For example, let’s say that you receive invoices which must be saved in your invoice folder, and then in a subfolder by client, and then in a further subfolder by month. Set a rule that says, ‘If a file contains [client name] and [specific month], move to folder [invoices – [client] – month’. Set the rule to run at the end of each week, or day, and apply it to your desktop. Voila! All you need to do is save the file to your desktop, and when the rule runs, it will be moved to the correct folder.

2. Station for App Superpower

Station is a desktop workstation that organises all your work apps. If you are forever switching between apps, files and folders, this is the tool for you. Get rid of your onscreen clutter and easily retrieve apps, folders and files from a single centralised location. It has a search facility, too, which is far easier to use than the search on Microsoft Windows. 

Its features include the ability to receive notifications from all your apps, or mute some or all of them so that you remain focused only on your current task. You can add apps with a few clicks, allowing you to tailor your workflow.

3. Remove Bookmarks with Toby

“Bookmarks are for books, not browsers”. So says the homepage of Toby, an app that lets you organise all your browser bookmarks into easily accessible ‘Tab favourites’. For example, let’s say that you have a project you are working on and need to open the same tabs each morning. Rather than clicking on each single bookmark, simply open Toby on your web browser, and click on the favourite tabs list you wish to open. 

With Toby for Teams, an organisation can build shared connections to help users easily share company resources. You don’t need to search through Dropbox, email or Google Drive. Simply open a new tab and get access to everything you need for your projects. 

One click access instead of 10, with every file and folder in its proper place.

4. Get to Inbox Zero with SaneBox

SaneBox is possibly the ultimate email management tool. Using AI, SaneBox learns which emails are important and which aren’t, then applies its learning to incoming emails. You help its learning by your actions on incoming emails. 

Any emails that SaneBox considers important remain in your inbox. Others are moved into a ‘SaneLater’ folder for you to review later. If you are the person who receives 50 or 60 emails in a morning, and then spends 30 minutes in your inbox reading and moving or deleting most of them, this app is for you. It helps you focus on only the important emails your inbox receives, and that’s great for productivity.

5. Ditch the Dross with a Regular Defrag

A regular defrag cleans up your hard drive, putting fragmented data together and making it easier and quicker to access files. Apps like Disk Space Fan scan your disk, analyse content, and then perform. Schedule defragmentation so you never forget in the future, and benefit from faster file access and a more productive day. 

There are, of course, many other digital apps that could help you declutter your digital workspace and stay decluttered. How do you maintain your productivity in the digital world? We’d love to hear from you. Contact the Prime Energy team and share your productivity secrets.

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