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Career Planning


The first step is to understand your motivations and aspirations, and to help you define the best approach in securing your ideal role.  Our expertise in the market enables us to advise you on the opportunities available best suited for your educational qualifications, experience, and potential. 

Damien Mura, Prime Energy

  • Unfortunately, most professionals spend many hours, indeed weeks, planning a two week holiday in the sun, but precious little time on decisions that will affect the next 30 or so years of their life. This has changed dramatically today and virtually all professionals want to start planning their careers, but many do not know where to start. Get in touch with our teams specialising in your sector.
  • A carefully prepared and well-presented CV is the most important device you can use in a search for employment. If your CV is informative and interesting to read, it will open doors for you. The content of your own CV should be used by most recruitment consultancies without alteration. This will provide a more accurate and personal representation of he essential you! Putting your CV together need not be difficult if you keep your prospective employer's point of view in mind.
  • Most interviews follow a fairly standard format. First, the interviewer will make a general statement about the vacancy and the firm. Then they will ask you questions and, finally they will answer yours. Interviews are a two way street. You must discover as much as you can about the company, the team and their goals as they do about how you may fit into that team. During the first part of the interview all the employer to have his say, while staying alert and interested.
  • Rushing to accept the first offer you receive is ill advised, unless it is the post you have set your sights on from the start or your instinct recommends it strongly. Deciding whether to accept a job offer or wait for another, or choosing between several offers, should be approached with the same meticulous care you have applied to the rest of your job search Firstly, make sure you consider your current employment as an offer - applying the same comparison criteria as any alternative offers.

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